White vinification – Dry White – 750 ml
Fields: Lands in the northern area of the province of Reggio Emilia, located in the municipalities of Gualtieri, Boretto, Novellara and Guastalla.
Grapes: Lambrusco: Salamino, Maestri, Sorbara.
Colour: straw white with accented green reflections, with an evanescent froth.
Fragrance: fruity, ethereal, delicate, very refined.
Taste: dry, lively, fresh due to a slightly acidic temperament, pleasant with a slight bitter after taste.
Vinification: White wine vinification process of hand picked grapes. Secondary fermentation in autoclave with the Classic Charmat Process.
Alcohol content: 11% vol
Gastronomic combination: Fish based appetisers: mussel and clam soutè, seafood salad, raw fish, oysters and vegetable risottos.
Service temperature: 8-10° c