Vine (cépage): Primitivo

Alcohol13,50% Vol
System of cultivation: 
Sapling – Espalier
System of harvesManual

Vinification: As soon as grapes are ripe, they are harvested, destemmed, pressed and carried on to tanks. The must become fermented at a controlled temperature for about six, eight days with pumping for the first two thirds of the fermentation.
Refining: Marcs are excluded from the “new wine” which is subjected to the malo-lactic fermentation that is often primed by the enologist. After the malo-lactic fermentation the wine is cleaned and kept in stainless steel tanks until the bottling.

Organoleptic characteristics
A full-body red wine with violaceus nuances. The ample and fruity bouquet scents of plum and egriot, typical of primitivo.

Gastronomic coupling
It goes well with roast meat, seasoned cheese, pasta and pasta with cream or besciamella.

Serving Temperature: 18° – 20° C