Variety: Nebbiolo subvarieties Lampia and Michet
Grape origin: vineyards within the Barolo township
Vineyards: Guyot pruning (6-8 shoots)
Exposure: south-southeast
Density: 4500 vines per hectare on average
Yield per hectare: 50-55 quintals
Years planted: 1970 – 1980
Elevation: 250 – 260 metres


Crushing and destemming; maceration with skins for 10 days in traditional vats with rotating paddles.
Rack and return to improve extraction of polyphenols.
Elevage in barrels of 300-500 litres for about 18 months.
Repose in steel tanks prior to bottling.
Bottle-aged horizontally prior to packaging and shipping.

Organoleptic Characteristics: 

Deep ruby red colour; intense nose of red fruit with tertiary notes of oak and vanilla.
Round and compact; visible tannins with splendid fruit.
Complex and complete, full-bodied, intense fruit and rounded tannins.


Will peak after 2-3 years of bottle-ageing horizontally in a cool and dark place.
Serve at 17-18°C in tasting glasses