Manduria, Sava, Carosino
Land: rocky – calcareous, very productive

SYSTEM OF CULTIVATION: Salping of puglia

VINIFICATION: Grapes are destemmed, gently pressed qualified and carried on to tanks where they are fermentated with controlled temperature, periodic analysis and the greatest cleanliness allowed to obtain a high quality product witout alteration risks.

SUGGESTING: Serving temperature 18° – 20° C

ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS: A vivid red ruby colored wine that is intricate and with a well decided scent. Its bouquet presents a sweet vanilla flavor, combined with the peculiar scent of fruit jam, plum and morello. It results in a character wine to the palate, potent but very balanced, with very good persistence.

FOOD PAIRING: It is perfectly served with main courses like ragout sauc with pasta, roast red meatt, game, ripening cheese and strongly flavoured dishes. It also well matches pork product and cheese.